250′ LX SLEADD Zip LINE KIT, Fast Easy Installation, Built in Tensioning, 10 Year Warranty

The SLEADD 250LX has the exclusive In-Line Tensioner with Tri-Link for easy installation and enough cable for riders to zip across the backyard between two points up to 250 ft. in distance. The trolley is semi-permanently mounted to the cable, with a front bumper and the ultra-grip handles allows the rider to stay facing forward during the ride. Riding gear includes a one-size-fits-most harness, lanyard, and carabiner. In addition, a stop block provides extra safety for the end of the ride. Plus this LX model comes with a bungee brake, eco-friendly tree saver blocks and a tow rope. Our design, your adventure. Great for riders of all ages and sizes up to 350 pounds. SLEADD250LX Zip Line Kit contains: The Trolley is built with green anodized aluminum side plates, handlebars with sturdy rubber grips, and stainless-steel dual ball-bearing wheels and a front bumper. Riding gear comes with an adjustable harness (max waist 50 inches), 2-ft. Lanyard and locking carabiner that easily connects to the trolley. This kit is ideally suited for zip lines up to 250ft in length. Spooled inside the kit is 260 ft. of 5/16″ Galvanized Aircraft Cable with a 9800 lbs. Minimum Breaking Strength. A stop block provides extra safety creating a no-pass point for the very end of the zip line. Installation is as easy as possible with the revolutionary, reversible SLEADD In-Line Tensioner with Tri-Link for an install process that can be as short as 90 minutes. 30′ Bungee Brake gently slows the rider using an impact bumper and bungee cord. Forged fist grips and cable clamps secure the line using an adjustable cable sling with eco-friendly Tree Savers to protect the circulation of your trees, making attachment to trees up to 2 1/2 feet wide a simple task. Suitable for both kids and adults with a weight limit of 350 pounds. All the wrenches and tools needed to build your Zip Line Kit are included. Detailed Instruction Manuals included.

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