Pay Per Click Advertising Also Known As PPC

Pay Per Click

When I think of Pay Per Click, I think of a marketing technique that has 2 different sides. The first is where you spend for ads and one where you get paid for publishing ads. Someone is always spending for the click, whether it is you clicking somebody’s advertisement or another person clicking your ad. Pay Per Click depends on how you look at who is paying.

If you click on a Sponsored link, the advertiser of the ad you clicked should pay Google for that click. The cost you pay depends on what you have bid on the keywords used to generate the advertisement.

In addition to ads being shown in the search results, Google lets websites and Blogs display advertisements and contextual ads. If traffic goes to your site and you display some Advertisements and someone clicks an ad, you make cash.

Note that Google Adwords and Google Adsense compliment each other and remain in reality, the inverse of each other.

By promoting your site or affiliate link, those that click your ad will be directed to your website. The performance of your ad (click through rate or CTR) will depend on the advertisement copy and the keywords.

More Types Of PPC

Another type of advertisement that is gaining in appeal is the Chitika eMiniMall. Chitika eMiniMalls are ads that show a photo and a description of the product. To show Google and Chitika ads on the exact same sites, Google needs particular adjustments for the Chitika advertisements. Check out the article at URL for more information.  To help you effectively position your Chitika eMiniMall advertisement on your website for another way for automated income.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft are in beta today with their own comparable to Google Adsense. The Yahoo advertisement network is called Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) and Microsoft’s network is called Adcenter. Most people have not tried these networks yet. If you discover that their advertisement clicks pay more to the website publisher you should check them out.

There are numerous other pay per click networks available to try. A few of these would be RevenuePilot, Bidclix, CBclicks, Adsclick and Bidvertiser. I am sure there are a lot more than this. You must check them out and see if they fit your own website’s style.

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